Customer Satisfaction Consultation

Developing processes in your business that guarantee Customer Satisfaction and increase revenue

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Customer Satisfaction Plan

Your customer satisfaction plan should address how to handle the majority of potential issues that will occur. By taking the time to capture these potential issues, identifying the possible causes, you can develop solutions to prevent them, and train employees how to seamlessly address these issues that may occur.

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Increased Customer Loyalty

Your customers’ willingness to continue to patronize your establishment and spend their hard-earned money is the most prevalent indicator of customer loyalty. Loyal customers can account for a significant portion of your revenue. This is what makes an investment in executing your customer-satisfaction plan extremely lucrative.

Improve customer retention and loyalty

Identify the systems and processes to develop to guarantee the satisfaction of your customers

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In this consultation you will learn

  • How a customer satisfaction focus impacts your bottom line

  • How to turn customers into long-term, loyal supporters of your business

  • Identify weaknesses in your Customer Satisfaction Plan

  • How your employee's attitudes impact your business bottom line

  • How your businesses online reviews/feedback is impacting your sales

Consultation Process

  • You complete Survey Monkey consultation questionnaire
  • We review your responses
  • We conduct additional onsite/online research and ask clarifying questions(if needed)

  • We conduct analysis & draw conclusions

  • We schedule/conduct a meeting to review on site OR via Zoom video conference
  • We present recommendations

  • You implement recommendations OR discuss a plan for us to assist with implementation

Discover how a customer satisfaction focus impacts your bottom line

Turn customers into long-term, loyal supporters of your business

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