Jamaican Restaurant Customer Survey

As a proud Jamaican who has lived and worked in corporate America for over 20 years in the capacity of quality engineering/management, Chris Bryan is passionate about his culture, food and seeing Jamaican restaurants and businesses thrive and live up to their full potential. In this vein, he has conducted surveys to find out the experiences of people who have had the opportunity to eat at Jamaican restaurants in the New York area. This survey revealed information that Jamaican and West Indian restaurant owners should pay attention to so they can guarantee the satisfaction of their customers.
This post is not only beneficial to Jamaican restaurant owners but also non-restaurant owners alike who can pass this vital information on and impact businesses in their community. So, we encourage you to share this message as it identifies issues and provides achievable solutions around Customer Satisfaction.

Reason for performing this survey
As he completes his upcoming book “ Building...
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