Your biggest asset, your biggest expense & Customer Satisfaction


The way that you treat your employees and the policies which you have in place to manage your greatest asset (your staff), both have a direct impact on your customers and their feelings toward your brand. The principles that you apply to your employees will be mirrored by them when they interact with your customers. ” - Quote from Chapter 8 of my upcoming book: Customer Satisfaction. It's not just your promise, it's your business.


The way employees are treated and the organization policies in place have direct impact on how those employees will treat the business' customers. So, there should be a well thought out process in place to make sure that your employees, who are your first customers, are well treated. Wilmot Wright, an expert in the human resources and payroll field and servicing of small business owners, has compiled a series of services that can be provided for small business owners with realistic employee-related problems that...

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Stuff is gonna happen


How does a business recover from the inevitable Customer Service challenges that will happen?

By taking the time to capture potential issues and identifying the possible causes, you can develop solutions to prevent them and train employees to seamlessly address the issues that occur. 

 Check out the YouTube link below on how to put a plan in place, because....STUFF's GONNA HAPPEN.

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It is community of entrepreneurs, business owners and...
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