Customer Satisfaction

Its not just your promise.

Its your business.


Customer Satisfaction
It's not just your promise.
It's your business.

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Sophia Anglin – Owner of Ellis Kitchen

“I wanted to do a complete makeover of the restaurant and I also wanted to makeover my employees. So, I reached out to Chris, so he can give us a couple sessions talking with him, and with my employees, just so they can reach another level in their customer service, and satisfying the customers. “

“My employees, they're actually a lot better. They're more professional. Our sales have gone up about 30%. They get more tips now, and we're having more fun, actually. There's less stress on me to keep telling them what to do. They know what to do now.”



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Customer Satisfaction Consultation

An assessment of your small business looking at how each aspect of your operation ultimately impacts the satisfaction of your customers.

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Customer Service Training

Essential Customer Service Skills for front line employees

Empower your staff with the basics on providing exceptional service to your customers.

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Falling in Love - How to Ensure Customer Satisfaction in Business

Black Owned Business Marketplace & Racial Justice in America


Christopher Bryan

- Chief Customer Satisfaction Officer


Jamaican Restaurant Customer Satisfaction Survey Report

I have conducted a survey of people who have patronized Jamaican Restaurants

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